Fixed Fees

Intelligent litigation is a smarter approach to litigation.  We plan to win, often by avoiding litigation altogether. We do not ask ourselves “how much are we going to profit from this client” but rather “how much will our client profit from a successful outcome, and how can we keep the cost spend to what is necessary and proportionate to achieve that result.”

That is what sets us apart. It is that approach that allows us to create intelligent solutions to assist clients with their litigation problems. It’s why we do not charge prospective clients to consider a new case. It’s also why we will not take on a case if we do not think we can better the client’s overall position. We are honest, and will tell you from the outset the likely prospect of success.

By recognising that that every case is unique, we can support you through whatever legal challenge you are facing.

To achieve this, we offer every client the flexibility and optionality of a variety of funding arrangements which can assist them with their litigation issues.

Cases are normally charged on a time recorded basis, and with our wide variety of fee earners we ensure that the work is conducted in a cost effective matter. We can also offer fixed fees in certain cases to provide our clients with comfort and certainty in knowing that our costs for specified work will be fixed upfront, thereby removing any anxieties they have about any further costs being incurred.

Fixed fees can be offered on an interval basis, with a fee being agreed for a small section of the work needed, or on a larger scale basis with a fee being agreed for all work involved in proceeding with a case from preliminary contact to resolution.

In appropriate cases, we will consider a (full or partial) conditional fee agreement (“CFA”), or a damages based agreement (“DBA”), which are commonly referred to as “no win no fee” agreements. We can also obtain third party litigation funding and insurance policies to avoid or reduce risk.

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