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The key to any successful financial settlement is building a secure and sustainable foundation for the case right from the outset. The ultimate goal is to achieve a fair outcome that allows both parties to move on with their lives, achieving financial independence where possible.

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Allegations of abuse can often play a central role in family proceedings and on the future arrangements for children. That is why it is essential to get specialist legal advice as soon as possible to navigate through what can often be difficult and tricky waters. Having a lawyer specialising in complex family law disputes on your side can make all the difference in how those allegations could impact your case.

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In any application concerning children, the Court must consider what arrangements meet the best welfare interests of the child(ren) and not of their parents. Strategy, experience and foresight are the key elements to any successful case. For that reason, it is critically important that you receive the best possible advice to protect the welfare of your child(ren).

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Dear Karim
Best wishes to you for 2019, and may this be a 
good year for you in every respect.
Thank you for everything that you have done for us over
the past 3 years.
Lots of regards,
Andre & Sebastian

-Andre & Sebastian

I just wanted to thank you for everything you and Peter have done for Matilda and I. Thank you for everything you have done. You can expect many referrals in the coming years as I’m sure I’ll encounter people who need your services!

-Sophie Andrews

Karim provided a professional and compassionate service which was truly helpful at time when it was most needed. I’d recommend his legal services, highly.


Thank you again for all your time, energy, compassion, understanding, professionalism, energy,
diligence and patience throughout the whole elongated process to liberate me from the oppression
imposed by divorce.

-John O'Dwyer

Again thank you so much for all the support over these years! And thank you to Catherine as well!

-Mette-Cecilie Helseth

Good people who you’ll feel you can talk to and who will treat your problem as their problem. Davis Woolfe is exactly what a boutique litigation firm should be.

-Nicola Rushton QC

Davis Woolfe are very good at identifying the most productive and cost-efficient route to their client’s goal; fully focused on what their client wants to achieve when pursuing a claim and will use all tools at their disposal, including trial as a last resort.


Nothing but admiration. Davis Woolfe played a fundamental part in helping us to attain our restaurant, we always felt prioritised in personal and business matters.

-Monica and David Galetti

Professionalism, ability to communicate and the outcomes required.

-Harvey Sharpstone

High professional standards, fair rates and enlightened leadership.

-Jeffrey Holland

This team do not take no for an answer. They take your business personally, view your challenges as their own and strategise until they get the result you want.

-Myleene Klass

Highly responsive and get the job done. Their approach is refreshing, they set out the legal issues clearly and succinctly, are not afraid to suggest commercial solutions and tailor the outcome to the needs of the client.

-Asher Miller FCA


No one ever invests successfully in anything without receiving specialist advice. That applies to every walk of life from investing in the stock market or in a new business to investing in a new property. The law is no different and specialist legal advice can very often make the difference between winning and losing a case. Let me ask you: Can there ever be a more important investment than protecting your family assets and your precious relationship with your children? Of course not, which is why I work night and day for my clients to help them protect theirs.

Key to any successful outcome is always a strong foundation and laser-focused strategy from the very beginning of the case to ensure time and resources are used most effectively to achieve the best possible result. It is never a good investment when endless hours are spent on fruitless negotiation or slow-burning correspondence only later to find that there was a quicker far more efficient and better route to achieve a much better result.

I have built up a practice to ensure that men always get fair and equal representation in the family courts, often achieving far more for my clients than they ever expected was possible under the law. The law is equal and must be applied equally. Although representing men can sometimes present more of a challenge, it is absolutely vital that the rights of a father and husband to protect their assets and the right to spend time with their children are preserved and promoted.

Having built up a successful practice specialising in complex family law disputes, I have been fortunate enough to build with it a highly specialised network of the top leading barristers in the country who are always on hand to assist where needed and with the nature of work we do together, their fees are kept competitive making managing overall costs for the client easier and more straightforward. Having a top legal team which is highly specialised and experienced working on your case and protecting what you hold the most valuable can make all the difference in having a successful outcome.

Over my years of specialising in complex family law disputes, I have built up very good relationships with several key and leading family litigation funders where I have been able to secure litigation funding where ordinarily no such funding would be made available.

Unlike most law firms which operate a strict payment process where there must always be a certain float of monies sitting on account at any one time, we believe that trust between client and solicitor is absolutely vital to any successful partnership which is why we are far more flexible in our approach to payment options. Clients can pay using debit or credit cards and can also in some circumstances we may also consider payment plans to help manage the financial burden of funding any case.


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How have you succeeded in past cases?

Karim has achieved some truly remarkable results by pushing legal boundaries and ensuring justice for his clients, helping to portray them in a way that disrupts typical stereotyping in family law disputes.

Do you take on clients of all genders?

Karim works with clients of both genders but offers husbands and fathers special expertise in navigating family breakdowns.

He played a key role in establishing the UK division of Cordell & Cordell, the largest US firm to specialise in family law for men.

What can I expect from this service?

Karim's philosophy is to provide his clients with a uniquely bespoke and comprehensive service specifically tailored to meet the needs of each and every one of them.

And he has frequently featured in The Legal 500 - Firms to watch list.


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Karim has practised family law at the highest level for over 12 years and is renowned for his legal expertise and total dedication to the needs of his clients and has been trusted with the some most complex and high-profile matters.

He is praised for his strategic thinking, persuasive manner and relentless hard work and has been recognised as a leading lawyer in the world of family law and the Legal 500 directory describe him as someone who “works tirelessly for his clients” Legal 500 (2019).

Karim’s compassionate client-first approach means that his only focus in any case is protecting his client and their interests. That is why he is always available for his clients whenever they need his assistance and why he will only take on a small number of clients at any one time. When you instruct Karim, he is the person who deals with your case exclusively from start to finish.

“Any goal in life can only be achieved by forward planning, dedication, commitment and momentum. That is what I guarantee for every one of my clients”

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