Personal Data Breach Claims

Cyber attacks are an ever increasing threat to the security of an individual’s personal data through loss, theft, destruction or misuse. Such incidents can be very stressful knowing that your personal data may be in the hands of criminal gangs and fraudsters intent on using your data to extract ransom payments from the organisation who failed to protect your personal information or simply offering your data for sale over the dark web for use in identity theft or other financial frauds. We have expertise in using the data protection laws to help you recover just and fair compensation if you are the innocent victim of a personal data breach.

Breach of Confidence and Privacy

Every organisation that processes personal information on or about you has a legal obligation to ensure that this remains safe and secure and is not disclosed or shared with any other organisation or person unless there is a lawful reason to do so.  Lots of organisations breach their duty of confidence and privacy through carelessness, ignorance of the law or sometimes deliberately for financial gain. We can advise you on whether your data protection rights have been abused and identify the best strategy for recovering effective resolution and compensation.

Privacy and Reputation Management

The right to privacy of your personal information and private life is a valued asset and one that should be always protected. We have expertise in a wide range of industries, including film, TV, music, sport, and hospitality to provide our clients with complete protection.

Cyber Attacks and Resolution

No organisation however large or small is immune from a cyber attack. In many cases, an organisation may not even know that criminals have bypassed security and gained access to their networks and servers. The impact of a cyber attack can be devasting for a business that does not have appropriate resources or knowledge to react quickly and effectively in resolving the many urgent legal and technical issues that can arise in the aftermath of a cyber attack. We are experts in supporting and advising clients manage their risks and exposure. This can include, assisting with an investigation into the circumstances of the cyber attack, recovering lost or stolen data, liaising with regulators, law enforcement, stakeholder organisations, insurers and affected individuals.