Covid-19 Statement

The whole world is facing an uncertain future due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Above all else, health and safety remains our top priority.

We responded quickly to the outbreak, closing our offices on 15 March, 8 days before the government enforced a lockdown, and asked staff to avoid all forms of public transport and work from home.

We are extremely fortunate that we can continue to help our clients by providing legal services remotely and without disruption. All our systems are cloud based, our services continue to be in demand and the Civil Courts are open and working remotely.

In order to assist those less fortunate, we are providing support and assistance to the wider community by offering to review any contract for any business, without charge, that requires help in understanding the terms and effects of any Force Majeure clauses or insurance policies, or the legal effect of enforced closures.

We appreciate that this is an extremely difficult time for everyone, but it also provides an opportunity for communities to come together and support each other. If we can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Finally, we wish to extend our sincerest gratitude to all key workers who risk their lives to safeguard our future. Thank you, and we hope you all stay safe and well.

If you would like to discuss anything relating to this article, please contact Guy Davis at [email protected]